These are a few of Islington Faces Blog favourite people and places around Angel and Camden Passage… 

Fredericks in Camden Passage will be holding a breakfast event for local businesses on 10 June, and several football receptions on 12 June when the World Cup starts, during Islington Giving Week 2014.

Frederick’s in Camden Passage is a famous restaurant. Find out more about how it’s adapted to modern tastes with Manager Matt Segal.

Camden Passage is such a treat to visit whether just to window shop or to snap up treasures and a favourite drink – turns out that the people who work there love it too. Here’s what they said about the area to Isabel Vandergert-Wilson in spring 2016. Please be aware that on 5 December 2016 a burst water mains caused considerable damage. The shops that are open are definitely going to need your support.

Gordon Gridley Antiques
41 Camden Passage, N1 8EF
Owner Gordon Gridley enjoys: “Walking through Highbury Fields, and going to the Almeida Theatre. There are some great cinemas in Islington too.”

Cloud Cuckoo Land
6 Charlton Place N1 8AJ
Staffer: “My favourite shops are: “Cotswolds for outdoorsy waterproof stuff and the fishmongers has lovely fresh fish, especially the smoked mackrel.”

15 Camden Passage N1 8EA
The staff say: “We love the pubs, we all go for drinks after work so that includes food as well which is good from the pubs in the area. After work we sometimes go to Islington Green and have a drink in the sun.”

Elly Rigby self-styled “pantrepreneur” running The Pantry Underwear in Camden Passage. (c) E Ribgby

The Pantry Underwear
27 Camden Passage, N1
Enjoy reading an interviw with owner Eloise Rigby here.

20 Camden Passage, Islington, London N1 8ED
Waitress/barista Miriam: “I really like Camden Passage and all the lovely people – it’s beautiful in the summer and the winter. Islington is a great location you can get to other places really easily. It’s great to just hang out and when I walk home at night I’m not scared.”

Brew box
120 Islington High Street
Bubble tea owner/manager Joel Erickson: “I just really like the whole area. I grew up here so it’s nice to be back.”

13 Camden Passage, N1 8EA
Staffer: “ I like Camden Passage and Chapel Market though I can’t pick a single shop. I like the stall holders.”

Islington Boat Club for all sorts of water sports and venues to hire (c) islington faces

Enjoy the interview with Angel Central (formerly N1 Centre) co-ordinator, Anna Harvey, and Mark Kebble, the editor of the super readable Angel Resident magazine, which you can also find on line here.

It’s only a 6 minute walk to Islington Boat Club in Graham Road. Here’s an interview with the Islington Boat Club office manager, Jan Dorling who talks about her work and the legacy of the amazing Cyrstal Hale who saved City Road Basin.

One of the first interviews Islington Faces did in Camden Passage was with Vickie Farquharson, trainee manager at Gorilla Perfumery (which closed in 2016 after the unfortunate Angel flood).  Just over the road there’s also the first ever branch of the Coffee Works Project, created by Peter Theoklitou, owner coffee works project from an Islington Family. His new branch has just opened at Blackfriars Road.

M Manze on Chapel Market

M Manze – the famous pie & mash cafe – on Chapel Market which sadly shut during 2016.

Chapel Street has had a market for years and is filled with characters. Read more about Christopher Curtis – the photo stall owner and expert on Highbury Corner and Islington history. His post is the most popular on Islington Faces.

Charles Baron was born at home, just off Chapel Street Market in 1920 but in 2015 was able to give an exclusive interview with Islington Faces about what Islington was like back in the day – touching on 90 years of Islington life.

Join a drama class (for adults or children) run by the amazing drama teacher Anna Scher MBE, or her staff at St Silas’s church at the far end of the market. Anna’s helped 1000s of Islington hopefuls learn to act and many have found fame including Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Kathy Burke.


Maxence Masurier in his new French wine shop Made In Little France: “It’s my dream to be here. I love London and I love Islington where I now live.”

Maxence Masurier in his new French wine shop Made In Little France: “It’s my dream to be here. I love London and I love Islington where I now live.”

”There are many delicious places to drink and eat in Islington, but if you fancy something French then go and meet Maxence Masurier: French wine seller at his new vintners, Made in Little France at 397 St John Street.

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