Jeremy Corbyn, MP: a tribute to the brilliant Islington North MP

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Everyone has a story. Jeremy Corbyn, 66, has been¬†North Islington‚Äôs popular local MP since 1983. He lives in the borough ‚Äď in Finsbury Park – and is hugely respected for the care he gives to us lot, his constituents.¬†Here are some reasons Islington Faces Blog has found to love what Jeremy Corbyn does in Islington¬†by Nicola Baird

islington Faces writer Nicola Baird telling at a North Islington polling station in May. And guess who dropped by - couldn't resist a photo opportunity with Jeremy Corbyn, my favourite Labour MP.

Islington Faces founder Nicola Baird telling at a North Islington polling station in May 2015. And guess who dropped by – couldn’t resist a photo opportunity with Jeremy Corbyn, my favourite Labour MP.

The photo shows that I‚Äôm not a Labour voter. But I‚Äôm a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn – or as my teenage daughter fondly calls him, Jezza, as a result of¬†spending¬†a week‚Äôs work experience after her AS levels this summer followed by a¬†fortnight¬†volunteering on his leadership campaign. I’ve lived in the borough since 1986 and over the years remember¬†Jeremy turning up at so many tiny local events including summer fairs at Drayton Park Primary School, the opening of Highbury Fields Secondary School new atrium on completion of the BSF building works, street parties around the borough, the Gillespie Festival (which for 20 years was held on the second Sunday of September until 2014 and at which Jeremy always made a rousing speech) and a zillion other events including rallies at the Whittington Hospital ‚Äď which lots of locals rely on either for health care and/or employment.

Most of us have seen¬†Jeremy cycling past. It’s a wonder he fits in¬†so much as he will often wave or stop for an exchange of news.

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Like any MP Jeremy has a wide sweep of people to support:

  • The average income of those who own a house in Islington is ¬£78,000 a year. For those who live in social housing, it‚Äôs ¬£15,000.
  • More than a third of children – 13,600 of them ‚Äď live in poverty. As do nearly half of all old people ‚Äď 40%.

On Jeremy‚Äôs website he lists many organisations he’s involved with –¬†many¬†have Islington links and help make our lives in the borough better:

Centre 404¬†(patron);¬†Stop the War coalition¬†(chair),¬†CND¬†Parliamentary Group (chair); Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament¬†(national vice-chair); Dalit Solidarity Campaign (chair and trustee); Greater London Pensioners Forum (on Parliamentary Panel);¬†Hanley Crouch Community Association¬†(trustee);¬†Highbury Vale and Blackstock Trust¬†(trustee);¬†Islington Music Forum(patron);¬†Islington Pensioners Forum¬†(joint president, with Lord Smith of Finsbury); Liberation (the Anti-Imperialist/Anti Racist Organisation ‚Äď chair);¬†Mitford Under-Fives¬†(patron);¬†Palestine Solidarity Campaign¬†(patron);Refugee Therapy Centre¬†(patron); and the¬†Socialist Campaign Group; Light Project International (trustee).”

No surprise then that lots of the people interviewed on Islington Faces mention, without prompting, how lucky Islington is to have such a hard-working constituency MP.

Ros Tankard was in London - at the Essex Road tube station then used as a bomb shelter - on the night This iconic photo of St Paul's Cathedral saved from the flames was taken.

Ros Tankard was in London – at the Essex Road tube station then used as a bomb shelter – on the night this iconic photo of St Paul’s Cathedral saved from the flames was taken. She’s just one of the constituents¬†in north Islington who Jeremy Corbyn has helped.

For example Ros Tankard, who shared her memories of World War Two life in Islington had a heart-warming story about Jeremy‚Äôs ability to make change happen ‚Äď just by turning up to visit her mum, then a patient with dementia.

Ros, who was 79 when she was interviewed on Islington Faces in December 2013, was very clear that her family ‚Äúwere Islington people. Most people didn‚Äôt have oodles of money. No one owned their own home,‚ÄĚ when they moved into¬†the new Hornsey Estate in 1941. Since then Ros had¬†raised a family, worked as a civil servant and more recently run the office of the Forum for Islington Pensioners. Despite her capabilities she was struggling to have her mum looked after properly. So she went to her MP, Jeremy Corbyn.

‚ÄúI was very unhappy about my the care my mother was getting in Barnet. Jeremy Corbyn came with me to the mental hospital. He told the staff: ‚ÄėOh Ros and I are old pals,‚Äô and then he winked. He‚Äôs kind and that helped me.‚ÄĚ
You can read the full Islington Faces interview with Ros Tankard here

Speakers, performers and interviewees at

Speakers, performers and interviewees at the Islington Faces Live event held in at the King’s Head pub, Upper Street, in October 2014, included the Mayor, Finsbury Pearly King, star gazer Ernie Jegorovas,¬†poet Stanley Smart, and musician Hanisha Solomon. Both Islington MPs were invited, however only Jeremy Corbyn took the time¬†to send an email wishing good luck (the other didn’t respond at all) and explaining he couldn’t attend as he was busy at a previously arranged meeting. You can see a 4 minute video taster of the event, filmed by Carlos Torres.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP by Garry Kennard - part of the Holloway Icon series. (c) Garry Kennard

Jeremy Corbyn, MP by Islington-born artist Garry Kennard Рpart of his Holloway Icon series. (c) Garry Kennard,

Here are some links to Jeremy Corbyn MP’s Labour leadership bid and what journalists have found the people of Islington think of him. Labour supporters can vote for their choice of leader until 10 September.

These links give you more factual info about Jeremy Corbyn.

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