This page is updated regularly to include links with everyone who has been interviewed. To date more than 279+ people who live or work in Islington have shared their stories. Thank you to all those who have let me interview them, or who have suggested people to be interviewed on Islington Faces Blog.

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Note – all the interviews are free to read on this blog. You can also read the first 30 interviews in an e-book, Islington Faces 2013, available here.

Theatre reviews from the Park Theatre, N4 here.

Anyone on the A-Z list marked with a * , **, *** , ^, ^^ or ^^^, or +, ++ by their name is not yet included in an e-publication.


*A Abu Kalbin: newspaper seller (10/10/13)

***Faisal Ahmed Mian, Wu Shi Taiji Quan & Qi Gong Association senior instructor (8/9/14)

++Farida Ahmed, graduate with PhD ambition (2/8/17)

+++Gilbert Alaskadi, pro body builder and trainer (10/2/18)

^^^Muhammad Ali, maths tutor (14/9/16)

^Alfonso Araujo, Greenhouse Dreamer (29/4/15)

^Mark Aston, Islington Museum & Local History Centre Manager (24/9/14)

^^Jackie Badger: saw the Beatles play Finsbury Park (28/10/15)

+John Bailey: university beekeeper (8/3/17)

Nicola Baird: your interviewer – guest interview by Sarah Graham (4/2/13)

*Peter Ball, auctioneer (3/7/13)

Alan Banks, milkman/spaceship driver (19/10/12)

Charles Baron, born 1920 in Islington & still visiting the borough (18/11/15)

^^Csaba Miklos Beck, postman (15/7/15)

Tony Bedwell, Highbury Barn pub manager (19/2/14)

++Dominic Bennet, furniture restorer (20/9/17)

Zannthie Bennett, King’s Cross dynamo ¬†(21/03/13)

+++Gabby Best & Will Brown, on stage at the Pleasance (7/11/17)

+++Merium Bhuiyan, CakeFace make-up (23/5/18)

*Jez & Melli Bond from the Park Theatre see Hazel, Park Theatre dog (30/12/13)

^^^Melli Bond: Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator opens 2016 (27/7/16)

+Paul’s Emporium, Islington antiques (22/2/17)

*Zrinka Bralo, tough spirit (15/5/13)

+Mikhail Braunhofer, Pop Coffee at Whittington Hospital (15/3/17)

*Miles Brown, garage boss (30/10/13)

^Peter Buckoke, beekeeper (10/6/15)

Suleyman Bulbul,  shopkeeper (4/9/12)

+Lisa Burrell, St Luke’s Community Centre communications manager (13/12/16)

Diane Burridge, local activist (7/3/13)

*Martin Burton, circus founder (29/04/13)

*Tim Bushe, architect and hedge cutter (23/5/13)

^^Tara Button, buy me once campaigner (9/9/15)

***Kate Calvert, Archway community star (30/7/14)

^James Cambridge, photographer 0f Islington past and present (25/3/15)

^^Perdita & Honor Cargill, authors of Waiting for Callback (23/2/16)

**Alex Carter, puppets at Little Angel Theatre (5/2/14)

*Clara Macedo Cabral, cultural explorer (10/7/13)

***Castellers of London, rehearsing (2/5/18)

^Barry Causton, events manager (5/11/14)

^^^Mr Chotai, watch repairs on Holloway Road (28/9/16)

^Ade Clarke, landlord at the Lamb Beer & Liquor (13/5/15)

+++Sam Clarke, Prisoners Abroad fundraiser (18/10/17)

+Ray Coggin, taxi driver (21/12/16)

*Stephen Coles, vicar of St Thomas’ (31/7/13)

^Anna Colquhoun, culinary anthropologist (17/9/14)  also see 5 recipes from Islington Faces (22/3/17)

^^Jeremy Corbyn, a tribute to the brilliant Islington North MP (2/9/15)

**Tricia Cottle, Islington Music shop owner (28/5/14)

**Roberta Cremoncini, Estorick director (14/5/14)

^^GUEST POST Laurie Cunningham: football from Market Road to Real Madrid (6/1/16)

+Roz Currie, Islington Museum curator (2/11/16)

*Christopher Curtis, Highbury Corner history man (30/1/14)

^^^Jonathan Davis, artist and studio manager (25/5/16)

^^Caroline Dent, Death Cafe co-ordinator (15/10/15)

**Ulises Diaz, Flamenco heart in Archway (5/3/14)

Simon Dolin, hair salon owner (17/4/13)

+Jan Dorling, Islington Boat Club (19/4/17)

+Dr Michael Eades, Being Human Festival (17/5/17)

*Barry Edwards, Islington’s Mayor 2013-14 (2/10/13)

^Nabila El Ahmadi, multi-tasking mum (27/5/15)

Yehia El-Nemer, Oasis cafe (27/9/12)

^^Olav Ernstzen, chair of Healthwatch Islington (30/9/15)

^Chris Evans, social entrepreneur at Blighty (18/3/15)

^^^Barry Ferns, Angel Comedy (17/6/16)

+John Finn, tour guide trainer (8/2/17)

***Paulo Fino, web designer (20/8/14)

+++Barry Forshaw, Canonbury Bookshop in the 1970s (4/4/18)

^^Ivy Allan Freeman, Islington memories from 1933 (22/7/15)

Freightliners Farm, country life in the city (31/10/12)

^^Vickie Farquharson, trainee manager at Gorilla Perfumery (11/11/15)

^Cass Farrell, Small Restorations boss (8/10/14)

+++Lorraine Fox, Skipper (17/1/18)

^^^Ben “Frosty” Foster open mic organiser (29/6/16)

Tina de Freitas, ice cream van lady (17/7/13)

^^Richard Frostick, Islington Music Centre maestro (23/9/15)

^Andy Gardner, historian (14/1/15)

^^Oonagh Gay, inspiring London walks (27/1/16)

^^^Charlie George Arsenal legend (21/9/16)

^^David Gibson, Islington Society (21/10/15)

^^ SPONSORED: Brendan Gill, car sharing and bike sharing fan (5/8/15)

+Kimi Gill, photographer (25/4/17)

^Ed Gillespie, Futerra co-founder (2/12/14)

Lynne Glover, Angel Central shopping centre (17/8/16)

*Chris Godfrey, butcher (18/12/13)

^^^Eglal Gomaa, Italian food deli owner (1/6/16)

^Simon Goode, architect (16/2/15)

^Valerie Goode, ethical fashion at Kitty Ferreira (1/7/15)

David Goodman, tapas chef (20/12/12)

Molly Gorell-Barnes, teaching assistant & Mollypop cards (6/8/14)

***Georgina Gray, Bikram Highbury & Islington owner (2/7/14)

+++Giselle Green, editor Constructive Voices (20/2/18)

^^^Richard Greening, Islington Mayor 2015-16 (30/3/16)

++Andrew Greer & Robert Shrubsall, church organists (5/9/17)

+++Andy Grieve, air quality analyst (6/12/17)

*Roy Griffiths, carpenter/artist  (15/8/13)

^Jonas Grimas, film director (5/1/15)

**Hugh Grover, estate agent (2/4/14)

***Peter Gruner:11 years on the Islington Tribune (23/12/15)

+Ilario Guidu, from prisoner to life coach (5/4/17)

Sai Gulam Bi, grandmother (28/7/12)

*Dominic Haddock, opera producer (7/1/14)

+Joe Hagland, remembers N7 in the 1950s (5/01/17)

+++Yemi Hailemariam #freeandytsege (1/11/17)

^^^Benali Hamdache, Green Party coordinator (12/10/16)

+David Hammond, Islington childhood memories (1/3/17) and on instagram @islingtonfaces all February 2017

+John Henry Hammond, from soldier to pacifist (31/5/17) – guest post by David Hammond

*Anna Harvey, N1 Centre administrator (6/11/13)

^John Harvey, J&J Motors (11/3/15)

*Steve Hatt, fishmonger (18/9/13)

Sharon Hayes, animal nurse (11/9/12)

***Michael Hayle, house detective (3/9/14)

*Hazel, park theatre dog (30/12.13)

**Sybille Hazward, fitness trainer (12/2/14)

^^^John Hegley, poet performer (12/5/16)

+++Val Henney, offering Help on Your Doorstep (10/1/19)

+*Kate Holderness & Adele Roberts, charity abseil (28/2/18)

^Chloe Holmes, Elizabeth House Centre Director (8/4/15)

*Katherine Horsham, community mobiliser (22/1/14)

+Clarissa Hulse, textile designer (10/1/17)

+Jean Hughes, recycling and waste minimisation officer (9/11/16)

***Lizzie Hunt, islington giving week (7/5/14)

+++Islington Faces celebration (11/10/17)

^Islington Park Street: community living under threat (8/6/15) (guest post)

^^^Simon Izod, cycle tour leader (2/3/16)

JK, from Accra to Archway (18/1/13)

^^Hez Jamil, historical reenactor (29/7/15)

*Sue Jandy, volunteer (11/6/13)

+Joey Jarossi, YATI acting coach (10/5/17)

^^Nick Jobbings, illustrator (17/5/15)

^^^Elizabeth Jones, Talking News Islington (19/10/16) also see 5 recipes from Islington Faces (17/3/17)

^^Nicolette Jones, plimsolls for #plimsollday (13/1/16)

***Hannah Kalmanowitz, Stuart Low Trust manager (27/8/14)

Duramaney Kamara, actor (4/5/16)

^^Mark Kebble, editor Angel magazine (16/12/15)

++Elton Keka, restaurant manager (27/9/17)

^^Garry Kennard, artist, writer and mountaineer (16/9/15)

+Carole Kenrick, scientist & inventor in residence at Gillespie School (3/5/17)

+++Helen Kersley, Islington Giving (31/1/18)

*Cemal Kilnic, shopkeeper (7/8/13)

***Eddie King & Michael Phillips, friends (18/6/14)

Charlie Kiss, activist  (12/3/14)

^Judith Kleinman, musician and Alexander technique trainer (15/10/14)

++Mr & Mrs Raj Kotecha, Udderlicious ice cream (20/6/17)

+Sofia Larrinua, cookery school manager (29/3/17)

^Stephanie Leonard, community organiser (22/4/15)

***James Lemon, illustrator (25/6/14)

Mrs Sau Li, DIY supremo at Mix (30/11/12)

^^^Mathy Lisika-Minsende, creative mentor (16/3/16)

*Joan Lock, crime writer (10/9/13)

Lollypop people: Jane, Ronnie, Nora & Pauline (5/12/12)

**Karen Liebenguth: life coach (21/5/14)

*Elia Luyando: ballet mistress (11/12/13)

+++ Killian Lynch, chef at WBYeats (14/3/18) Photos by Kimi Gill

*Minerva: tailor (27/11/13)

*Robbie MacGregor: pavement & farm artist (30/5/13)

^^^Cate Mackenzie: love coach (13/4/16)

**Cyril Mann: painter & sculptor (9/4/14)

^^^Kass Mann: musical poet & even organiser (7/9/16)

*Nina Marcangelo: Alfredo’s cafe family (24/7/13)

^^Malcolm Marjoram: historian & family history buff (17/2/16)

***Alison Marshall: women’s equality party activist (18/5/16)

***Louis Masai: artist  (30/4/14)

^^Maxence Masurier: wine seller (10/2/2016)

Lucy Mathen: opening people’s eyes (14/2/13)

++Sarah Matthias, author (7/6/17)

^Paul Matz: founder Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association (4/3/15)

+Pete May, football writer (15/11/16)

David Mayers, butcher (5/10/12)

++Anna McCracken, dog walker (30/8/17)

^Abu Mensah, deputy young mayor (24/6/15)

Saira Mian in 5 recipes from Islington Faces (17/3/17)

**Danny Michelson, La Fromagerie owner (15/4/14)

^^^Alicia Montplaisir, fairy spirit & singer-songwriter (20/4/16)

^Simon Moore, architect turned Highbury Arts Club boss (8/7/15)

**Chris Morris, tattoo artist (26/3/14)

^Ian Morris, Map gift shop co-owner (10/12/14)

+Gladys Muchamore, Arsenal WW2 memories under the West Stand (30/11/16)

++Dhevdhas Nair, musician (23/08/17)

^^^Angela Neustatter, writer (23/3/16)

^^Colin O’Brien, photographer (2/12/15)

Joan O’Donovan, charity shop manager (9/8/12)

*** Ola: mum and kids go camping at Freighliners Farm (4/6/14)

*James Olivo, dancer (26/6/13)

^Jessica O’Neill, behind the PhD (19/11/14)

Jet Osman, 3D artist (24/1/13)

^^Susan Oudot, Corrie writer with a passion for Milner Square (7/10/15)

Chris P, canal enthusiast (27/2/13)

Ron Pace, horseman (18/7/12) – this is the first interview

^Andy Parker, musician & painter (11/2/15)

***Jane Amelia Parker, designer/maker (16/7/14)

++Ray Parlour & the sweet gum tree (14/6/17)

^Subhash & Urvashi Patel: Five Boys Natural Health Store (3/2/15)

^^^Priti Pedersen: Sunday Cafe in Gillespie Park (3/8/16) also see 5 recipes from Islington Faces (17/3/17)

^^^Charlie Perdios, behind the scenes at Anthony Pepe (5/7/16)

*Dieter Perry, press photographer (17/10/13)

Jake Perkins, estate agent  (22/11/12)

+Holly Peterson, Gothic Valley WI (1/2/17) also see 5 recipes from Islington Faces (17/3/17)

***Michael Phillips & Eddie King, friends (18/6/14)

***Linda Plater, village of Islington (Canada) co-ordinator (12/8/14)

^Stevey Porter and Kieran Wilson: Route1audio (17/12/14)

^Pete Prodromou, crocodile catcher specialist (26/11/14)

^Aaron Resch, ramen restauranteur (29/10/14)

+Heidi Rice, romantic novelist (14/2/17)

+++Brandon Richards, finding his design feet (6/6/18) Interview by Catriona Beck. Photo by Hugh Gary Photography

+Eloise Rigby, The Pantry Underwear (12/4/17)

^^^Mavis Ring, the day the V1 bomb fell on Highbury Corner 27 June 1944 (23/6/16)

Ben River, singer songwriter (19/6/13)

+*Adele Roberts & Kate Holderness, charity abseil (28/2/18)

+++Polly Robbins, Space4 manager (3/1/18)

+++Rosie Roksoph, street artist (13/12/17)

^^^Bert Roman, making Islington dance (12/7/16)

^^^Marnie Rose: The Garden Classroom founder & CEO (10/8/16)

^^^Michael Ross, Happy to Help playwright (11/6/16)

+++ Derek Rothera and Brian Thompson, antique and art dealers (30/5/18) Photos by Kimi Gill

*Caroline Russell, road safety campaigner (20/11/13)

Teresa Robertson, unique house painter (28/3/13)

^^^Nann du Sautoy, Islington Foodbank volunteer (24/8/16)

^^ Tim Sayer & Annemarie Norton, art lovers (3/2/16)

+ Russell Selway, cycle shop assistant manager (6/12/16)

*Manuel and Stella Saavedra, puttin’ on the Ritz (22/8/13)

Jenny Scarbrough (9/11/12) contributes to Blackstock-road-in-the-1870s-robbers-trout-fishing-and-aristocrats

Scarbrough family, from postcard collecting to Jedward superfans (12/10/12)

Anna Scher MBE, drama teacher (27/4/16)

Matt Segal, manager Frederick’s (9/7/14)

^Chris Setz, tree champion (14/4/15)

Ian Shacklock: CAMRA, canals & campaigning (13/3/13)

++Roshni Shah: 8 Plates supper club (13/9/17) Photos by Kimi Gill.

Matthew Sherwood, fisherman (6/5/15)

++Robert Shrubsall & Andrew Greer, church organists (6/9/17)

+++Raquel Siganporia, solicitor (25/1/18)

+++Natalie Simpkin, The Great Health Clinic (15/11/17)

Angela Sinclair-Loutit, pioneer spirit (22/9/12)

***Samir Singh, Arsenal in the Community (11/6/14)

^Lemn Sissay, poet (2/6/15)

*Stanley Smart: mechanic and poet (7/5/13)

^^Michael & Sam Smith: dad and son at Parkun (4/11/15)

*Corinna Snashall: planning a gap year (25/9/13)

***Hanisha Solomon, singer (22.7/14)

Viren Soma, tennis coach (8/4/13)

Alex Smith, heritage assistant (12/12/12)

Edward Smith, chess player (16/9/12)

**Stephanie Smith, Archway Market founder and manager (23/4/14)

^^Dan Spanner, Spanner Big Band at the Gunners pub (20/1/16)

Helena Spurr, foodie, chef and cafe owner (15/11/12)

++Chris Stuchbery, Big Issue London Regional Manager (19/7/17) Photos by Kimi Gill

*Ros Tankard, WW2 memories (4/12/13)

^Peter Theoklitou, owner Coffee Works Project, see Coffee Music Project in Islington (31/3/15)

^^ Peter Theoklitou, owner coffee Works Project (30/12/15)

+++Brian Thompson and Derek Rothera, antique and art dealers (30/5/18)

**Pauline Tiffen, fair trade guru (26/2/14)

^^Silver Tiger, walk through Islington (26/8/15)

+Jack Tomkins, The Daily Grind barista (26/10/16)

+Jessica Tompkinson & Alan Parker, discovery with three ( 23/11/16)

*Sarah Toner, ballet teacher (23/11/13)

*Piers Torday, children’s novelist (24/4/13)

^Carlos Torres, filmmaker and photographer (21/1/15)

^^^Jane Tuely, landscape architect (6/4/16)

^^Frank Turner, singer-songwriter (9/12/15)

*Pat Tuson, urban nature photographer (29/8/13)

Unbelievable Mr X, film blogger (16/1/14)

^Hedera Vetch, wildlife gardener (29/12/14)

^^^Costa Violaris, C&A Drycleaners (9/3/16)

+++Michael Waldron, conductor (29/11/17) photos by Kimi Gill

^John Walters, Pearly King of Finsbury (23/10/14)

+++Matthew Wang, art student (28/3/18)

^^^Gordon Warrell,musical mechanic (5/10/16)

^John Webber, and Max PAT dog team (20/5/15)

^^^ Roberta Wedge, champion for Mary on the Green statue (19/7/16) this is the 200th interview

^Anne Weyman, Islington u3a dynamo (1/10/14)

^^Jerry White, author of Campbell Bunk: the worst street in Islington (19/8/15)

Charles Williams, made in Islington (21/2/13)

^^Simon Wilson, young entrepreneur from dellvo.com (25/11/15)

Jon Winder, play guru (26/10/12)

++David Wingrove, Science Fiction writer (5/7/17)

++Paul Wood, London street tree author (28/6/17) PHOTOS by Kimi Gill

*Marco Wouters, flower seller  (5/6/13)

+++James Wren, film festival director (11/4/18) Photos by Kimi Gill

^Jennifer Yong, founder Jenius Social (27/1/15)

++Paul A Young, chocolatier (26/7/17)

+Zabou, street artist (25/5/17)

**SPONSORED POST: Rachel Zatz, traveller and Airbnb host (19/3/14)

++Kevin Zhang, Peking opera (4/10/17)

Mary Wollstonecraft - street art by Stewy, see www.stewy.eu Prints are for sale to help raise money for a Mary Wollstonecraft memorial, see www.maryonthegreenorg

Mary Wollstonecraft – street art by Stewy, see www.stewy.eu Prints are for sale to help raise money for a Mary Wollstonecraft memorial, see www.maryonthegreen.org