5 amazing Islington women

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Everyone has a story, so around international women’s day 2018 it’s a good excuse to share the stories of fantastic women from Islington. On the blog we’ve shared¬†stories of women helping out at¬†food banks; running supper clubs, businesses and¬†neighbourhood support teams and many more. So for 2018, here are five+ to high five. Interviews by Nicola Baird.

This new book, Why Women Will Save the Planet, is full of amazing women who are on the front line tackling climate change, gender inequality and gender blindness. Islington Faces founder, Nicola Baird, edited the book here in Islington, three of the contributors were interviewed here in Islington and the amazing copy editor lives on King Henry’s Walk. Here’s a bit more detail: Chair of Friends of the Earth International¬†Karin Nansen from Uruguay was interviewed on the Picadilly line passing between Heathrow & King’s Cross on her way to a meeting in Derbyshire. Lola Young ( a huge Arsenal fan & chair of the Booker Prize 2016-17) explained all about modern day slavery in a cafe on Pentonville Road and Jude Kelly, who set up and runs the WOW, women of the world, festivals met for green tea pre-breakfast at Bellanger on Islington Green. Why Women Will Save the Planet is created by Friends of the Earth & C40, and published by the co-operative¬†Zed Books. Out for women’s day 2018, it costs ¬£9.99. (c) Kimi Gill for Islington Faces

Roberta Wedge, champion of Mary Wollstonecraft. (c) islington faces

1 Roberta Wedge – a lovely woman who was the 200th interviewee on Islington Faces (July 2016). She’s a massive fan of Mary Wollstonecraft – the mother of feminism – and has all sorts of plans to get a proper memorial for her on Newington Green.

See Roberta’s ideas to get a Mary on the Green statue and read the interview about her here.

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Anna Scher, MBE. (c) Islington faces

2 Anna Scher – this amazing woman has inspired so many people in Islington to give drama a go. She’s a philosopher, an inspiration and much loved. In brief, Anna¬†set up an acting theatre for children that started the careers of Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Kathy Burke, Gary & Martin Kemp, Patsy Palmer, Susan Tully, Nathalie Cassidy and Gillian Taylforth. She‚Äôs also hosted TV shows in Denmark, won awards for peace work in Northern Ireland (1999) and been given the Freedom of the London Borough of Islington (2003).

Read Anna’s interview here¬†(April 2016).

Kimi Gill, photographer: ‚ÄúI mainly take photos of people. I‚Äôve been doing portraits, weddings, events and recently boxing. There‚Äôs so much passion in people‚Äôs faces.‚ÄĚ (c) islington faces

3 Kimi Gill – ace photographer who loves finding out the stories of the community and takes all the photos on Islington Faces for free. It’s been a joy working with her – especially if you are lucky enough to have your photo taken! Read her story here. If you want to get a really special portrait of yourself send her an email and book yourself a photo session. Thank you Kimi.

See her interview here. Kimi’s photos can be seen at her website¬†http://www.kimigill.com

Minerva at Image. (c) islington faces

4 Minerva – the amazing tailor at Image on Fonthill Road talked candidly about having to endure an arranged married when she was a teenager, domestic abuse and the fulfilment she gets from creative tailoring (November 2013). If you need clothes altered then Minerva will do an amazing job for you.

She her interview here.

Tina de Freita’s ice cream van – when you spot it on Highbury Fields then you know summer days are here again & that cheers everyone up. (c) islington faces.

5 Tina de Freitas – is Highbury Fields most loved institution. She’s the ice-cream van lady and we all know that spring has come when her van is parked again outside the swimming pool/playground gate. And a special hat’s off to her for using an electric plug in so her van isn’t pumping dirty diesel out into the atmosphere all day.

Enjoy an ice cream when you next see her, and here’s her interview (first published in July 2013).

Pauline Tiffen (c) islington faces

6 BONUS! Pauline Tiffen – fair trade guru

Valerie Goode who runs Kitty Ferreira fashion label (c) islington faces

7 BONUS! Valerie Goode, ethical fashion at Kitty Ferreira 

Val Henney, help on your doorstep (c) islington faces

8 BONUS! Val Henney, offering help on your doorstep

Yemi Hailemariam is trying to push the UK government to make Ethiopia free her partner, Andy Tsege. (c) Kimi Gill Photography for islington faces

9 BONUS! Yemi Hailemariam, #freeandytsege 

There are so many amazing women in Islington and as we also know, thanks to Women’s Hour on Radio 4 (2017), a lot of women having a pretty rough time too. Whoever you are thanks for having a look at this page. Do contact Islington¬†Faces with any ideas you have for¬†people to be interviewed. The only criteria is that they must either live or work in¬†Islington (or have lived or worked here).

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If you’d like to nominate someone to be interviewed who grew up, lives or works in Islington, or suggest yourself, please let me know, via nicolabaird dot green at gmail dot com.

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