Life coach Ilario Guidu is a man reformed. He knows Pentonville Prison on Cally Road well: “I’d stop drinking and taking drugs but then I’d come out of prison and celebrate. But that first pint was not a celebration, it was a return ticket to prison.” Ilario now helps ex-prisoners stay clean and find work. (c) islington faces

Caledonian Road – The Cally – with Pentonville Prison at one end has more hints of the old working class pre-war Islington than the rest of the borough. But it’s changing rapidly. The clocktower in Cally Park is being given a makeover, there are Ethiopian cafes in the old pubs and new ways of having fun (think Escape Rooms!). Cally Road, is definitely a place to enjoy flashbacks at the same time as enjoy a taste of all that Islington offers.

Dr Michael Eades lives not far from Caledonian Park where the cattle market and slaughter houses were based. He talks about this in his interview here.

Go and enjoy a show at the Pleasance. Here’s an interview with local stand-up Gabby Best and actor Will Brown about a show they were in during November 2017.

At the other end of Cally Road there are a plethora of charities and eating spots. Meet NCVO’s Giselle Green, editor of Constructive Voices.