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Everyone has a story. In February everyone’s thoughts turn to love… but for best-selling novelist Heidi Rice, every day has romantic power. Enjoy a special Valentine’s Day Q&A with the author of ‘Bedding Bad Boys’, ‘The Mile High Club’ and ‘So Now You’re Back’. Interview by Nicola Baird

Heidi Rice: romance novelist with four new books out this year. (c) islington faces

Long time Highbury resident, Heidi Rice, has written more than 26 romance novels, become a US Today best-seller, and sold more than 2 million books since she left her job as a TV and film reviewer. If you haven’t yet read any of Heidi’s racy books, 2017 is a bonanza year with four due out including February’s Vows They Can’t Escape set in the Bahamas, in March an ebook set on a ranch in Montana, in July Summer At Willow Tree Farm and at the end of the year The Virgin Shock Baby. She’s also running a creative romance writing course online this spring.

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“Writing romance is not a formula,” explains Heidi who is soon making me laugh when we meet at INK@84 – a rather fab bookshop on Highbury Park.  “A romance novel is the story of the relationship with a positive outcome. It’s a character-driven story concentrating on internal conflicts,” she says giving me one of her longer novels So Now You’re Back. This is a second chance love story between handsome Luke, who lives in Paris, and his ex Halle, who has a cake baking empire and TV show, but has refused to talk to Luke for 16 years. Clearly a good example of Heidi’s “aspirational and high fantasy” style. There’s also a lot of sex.

So, just how much has Islington shaped her love scenes…

Independent bookshop at 84 Highbury Park with film club, book club, books and coffee.

Q: Has Islington been an inspiration to you when creating characters? 
“I sometimes use aspects of people I know when creating fictional characters, maybe a snippet of their past, an experience they had that changed them, or I might model a minor character on someone I’ve met in passing … But ultimately, my main characters are fictional creations. That’s because I need them to be authentic, believable, relatable, etc, but also complex, unique, multi-layered individuals who I know inside and out …

“I try not to stalk people on Highbury Fields to avoid getting arrested. But I always like to imagine what is going on in houses – especially if the inhabitants have been generous enough to leave the curtains open and the lights on – doesn’t everyone?!”

Q: Are there scenes in your books that have been inspired by places in Islington? 
“Tons! I love using London and Islington as locations for my novels because I know it so well and I think it’s a wonderfully romantic place. For example: I once had a heroine who managed a pub theatre in Islington which bore a striking resemblance to the Kings Head – as luck would have it this allowed me to go to the real Kings Head to chat to the actual manager when doing my research.”

Q: Do you like Valentine’s Day?
“I think there is an element that is contrived and a little smug… Romance is always more authentic if it’s spontaneous IMHO. That said, if you’ve got someone you love and you want to show them how much you appreciate them, there’s no harm in using Valentine’s Day as an excuse… [Just in case my husband is reading this!]

“It can also be terrific fodder for romance novelists like moi! Case in point: I wrote a novella recently where my heroine was in a Soho bar on Valentine’s Night bemoaning what a crap night it is for anyone who’s single… So naturally, her friends got her drunk and persuaded her to chat up the hot brooding single guy at the bar, who just happened to be thinking the exact same thing she was… And lo and behold I had a great start to my story… Thank you so much, Valentine’s Day.”

Q: Where’s fun for a romantic time in Islington?

  • Get a sofa to share for a screening of LaLaLand (or any other feel-good, fun or sexy movie) at the Everyman Screen on the Green.
  • Take a stroll through Clissold Park and have coffee and carrot cake at the cafĂ©. NB: Strictly speaking this is Hackney, but I like to be inclusive.
  • Cod, chips and mushy peas on a Friday night at The Beach Hut in Highbury Barn is cheap, cheerful and deliciously decadent – especially if you bring your own Prosecco.
  • Share a carton of ice cream for two at Udderlicious on 187 Upper Street while sitting on their indoor swing. Sweet in more ways than one.
  • Do the Monday Night pub quiz at the Tufnell Park Tavern – a great way to discover all the things your date doesn’t know but thinks they do …

Heidi Rice: “It’s mostly women who read romance, and they buy a lot of books – they are really voracious readers.” (c) islington faces

Q: What do you consider the power of the romance novel?
“It’s optimism and positivity. Romance novels are simply stories about relationships with a positive outcome – and what could be more uplifting and empowering than reading about people falling in love?”

Q: Do your friends ever confuse you as an agony aunt?
“Thank goodness no one has ever used me as an agony aunt… * shudders * “

Q: What’s the best advice for finding Mr Right?
“So my lay person’s advice for finding Mr Right would probably be don’t go looking for Mr Right – because that’s way too much pressure for him and you… Just stay open and positive, be prepared to adapt and compromise if the relationship is worth it, and make sure to have fun, or what’s the point. (I find being with someone who makes you laugh can help with that). And maybe get some lessons from a flirt coach if you’re floundering (something I learned about on this very blog, see interview here).”

  • Buy any of Heidi Rice’s fab romance novels on Amazon here.
  • Join a 7-week online course with Heidi Rice and learn how to write hot romance. Starts Feb/Mar with the Professional Writing Academy, see www.profwritingacademy.com

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